10 Tips to look after your Boat and Paddles

Store your boat and paddles out of the sun!

  • The UV and extreme heat can significantly reduce the life of your boat and paddles.  The sun with its UV light is very harsh and can break down some of the materials used within the kayak, especially darker coloured boats!!  Try avoid leaving your kayak on the roof of your car where it will be exposed for long periods of time. Keep your boat in boat bag or even a sock like material.

Store in a paddle bag.

  • When you are not using your paddles store them in a paddle bag. This will avoid many scratches and in some extreme cases broken paddles. Paddle bags are very important if you are travelling with your paddles in the back of a trailer where they can bounce around.

Don’t leave paddles in your car.

  • Avoid leaving your paddles in your car. Your car can get extremely hot and the glue that holds your paddles together can melt and in some cases change the angles of your paddles.

Respect your paddle.

  • Treat you paddles with care and look where you are paddling as much as possible. (Your paddles are not made for smashing rocks!)

Rinse your gear.

  • When paddling in salt-water make sure you rinse your gear after you use it. This will prevent the material from breaking down from the salt water and help prevent some parts of the boat from rust.

Always dry your boat.

  • When you finish paddling don’t leave water in your boat as in hot conditions it turns into steam and can make your boat go soft.

Store in a safe place.

  • I have heard a few stories of kayaks being stolen off the roof of people’s cars and even from the back yard. When your boats cost as much as they do storing them in a safe place can prevent a major disappointment!

Look where your going…

  • Your kayak is made from a very light and strong carbon Kevlar for racing. However, they are not as tough as plastic creek boats and therefore should not be treated in the same way. Never get in your kayak on rocks or beach your kayak when getting out. Avoid hitting rocks as much as possible!

Fix your kayak as soon as possible..

  • If you continue to use your kayak with a crack, water will get in between the two layers of carbon where there is a layer of foam. If this continues the foam can rot and therefore the effected areas will go soft.

Have gear that fits!

  • When looking at buying paddles and boats make sure you buy gear that will fit you, your body shape and how you want to paddle. If you are a small, you should be paddling with paddles that suit you, ie not XL paddle blade.


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